A number of testimonials have been received supporting Tigerscheme. The Management Committee wishes to thank those organisations and individuals involved and welcome the confirmation that Tigerscheme is seen as end-user oriented.

"The bringing together of government and industry, across a number of sectors is welcome and will ensure that the market of testers remains independent. We recognise the value that the applicability of Tigerscheme will bring to both in-house and external testing teams and hope through continuing support, it will bring increasing benefit."

Carrie Hartnell, Intellect

"CESG welcomes the move in the industry to develop and introduce professional training and qualifications for security professionals conducting IT Health Checks and penetration testing. When mature, these initiatives could provide industry quality assured and administered services that would complement and support the Government CHECK Scheme."

Nigel Jones, Head of Assurance Services, CESG

"From a local authority perspective, we welcome this industry led initiative, which can only raise the profile of penetration testing, an essential part of Information Assurance audit and monitoring. Tigerscheme gives local authorities access to qualified professionals for penetration testing. This scheme will also form part of a professionalism pathway for local authority security professionals."

Glyn Evans CIO, Birmingham City Council, Local Authority Member CIO Council

"Over the past two years, the non-protectively-marked sector of Government information systems has received increasing attention, with innovations such as the CSIA Claims Tested Mark Scheme, which is now a baseline standard for assurance in that area, being brought to market. SOCITM welcomes the Tigerscheme as a move which will provide formal recognition to the skills already available to local government. As the Transformational Government agenda rolls out, it is vital that schemes such as Tiger are on hand to act as a reference for authorities engaging with service suppliers."

Kevin Malone, Head of IT Services Shropshire County Council, Vice Socitm Information Age Government Group