Tigerscheme Status

The Senior Level Tigerscheme assessment for infrastructure vulnerability analysis has been recognized by CESG, as the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance in the UK, as technically equivalent to the level required for CHECK Scheme Team Leaders. The Senior level assessment, once passed, will be accepted as such by CHECK companies and elsewhere. The qualification lasts for three years, after which the candidate must re-sit and pass all elements of the assault course.

A similar level of recognition applies for the Qualified assessment, and is accepted as the basis of CHECK Team Member status, subject to the assessment having been supervised by a current CHECK Team Leader. Where this is not the case, exactly the same requirements apply to the candidate, and the qualification maps directly into the commercial arena.

Individuals subsequently wishing to move into a CHECK Team Member role within a CHECK company will be able to show that they are capable of passing the examination; Tigerscheme is establishing partnerships with key companies in this area, so that discounts can be offered to the company on CTL-supervised resits, rather than have the costs of the re-examination fall to the individual.

The Qualified level certificate lasts for three years, after which the individual must re-sit and pass all elements of the assessment.

Additions to the qualifications, which are also the subject of joint working between DCCIS and Tigerscheme, include forensic qualifications and specialist assessments such as web application security testing, and wireless network security testing.