Top IT Security Event gets backing from Tigerscheme

The UK's first combined information security conference and training event, 44Con, has the full backing of Tigerscheme which has announced that it is a level one sponsor of the four-day event.

Kicking off on 30 August at the Grange City Hotel in London, 44Con will bring together the world’s top IT security professionals to present the industry a clear view of what today's security threats have on businesses, the current capabilities of hackers, and how to combat these threats. If recent claims by LulzSec, which says it hacked into the CIA, the US senate and Sony’s IT systems (amongst others) is anything to go by, those capabilities are pretty worrying.

As well as a range of technical and Infosec specialist tracks featuring the world’s best international security speakers including luminaries from Microsoft, IOActive, MWR InfoSecurity and top independent researchers such as The Grugq, Haroon Meer and Roelof Temmingh - targeting government, public sector, financial, security professionals and CSOs - the event is unique in that it also provides training by industry-recognised trainers. This means attendees can leave with professional certification provided by Tigerscheme.

Tigerscheme Technical Panel member Steve Lord is compering the technical specialist track, while Ernst & Young's Phil Huggins comperes the Infosec Specialist track. Proposed talks cover areas from Microsoft's Information Security Strategy to Olympic Security through to deep space Satellite Security.

In addition, Tigerscheme - in conjunction with security consultancy and training provider, Encription Limited - will be running a QSTM assessment which will enable those who pass to work for a CHECK company as a CHECK Team Member. The CHECK Scheme was developed by CESG (part of GCHQ) to enhance and maintain the quality of ethical hacking services available to HM Government. 44Con is also the first conference in the world to provide the full version of the Web Application Hacker's Handbook Live 2nd edition course.

Campbell Murray – one of the founding members of Tigerscheme said: "This event aims to be the UK’s premier information security conference. It is certainly one that will attract some of the top names in the industry from around the globe so it presents a perfect place for us to raise awareness of Tigerscheme to both companies and individuals. There's never been an opportunity to undertake such assessments at an event before so delegates will have a unique opportunity to listen to some incredibly knowledgeable speakers, network with like-minded individuals and leave with our industry recognised certification."

Tigerscheme has 20 complimentary tickets to give away for the 44con conference, plus a further twenty discounted tickets which are available on a first come first served basis to individuals who book and pay for a Senior Level Tigerscheme  assessment before the conference. You can apply for your ticket by visiting

For more information please contact +44(0)1883 331 100, visit or email [email protected].