Tiger Scheme Qualifications

Tiger Scheme offers three levels of qualification: Associate, Qualified (Check Team Member) and Senior. (Check Team Leader) This structure applies across the ITHC (vulnerability assessment) qualifications, and the forensic qualifications, and is the basic structure that the Scheme will carry forward.

The Associate level qualification is typically theory-based and requires the candidate to pass a one-hour multiple choice assessment at the end of an optional training course.

The multiple choice question pool is maintained by the University of South Wales. Consequently a certificate issued under Tiger Scheme demonstrates that an appropriate level of due diligence has been applied by examiner, and that academic standards have been upheld.

At the higher, Qualified level (Check Team Member), the assessment is based on a written paper, a practical element, a multiple choice paper and a brief interview. The key issue at this level is that there is a mandatory hands-on element that demonstrates the candidate’s successful application of theory and relevant knowledge.

The Senior level qualification (Check Team Leader) is based on a written paper, a multiple choice paper, a six hour 'assault course' practical assessment, and an interview during which the candidate is asked to explain their findings from the practical assessment. The multiple choice paper is used by the assessor not only to examine the knowledge possessed by the candidate, but also to direct attention to areas of potential weakness to be examined in the practical and the viva. This is a rigorous examination, and should be attempted only by individuals with a significant degree of practical experience.

Tiger Scheme Assessment Dates and Training

SST/CTL Assessments

QSTM/CTM Assessments

  • 29th May / 30th May 2014 - Location: USW
  • 26th June / 27th June 2014 - Location: USW
  • 24th July / 25th July 2014 - Location: USW
  • 28th August / 29th 2014 - Location: USW
  • 25th September / 26th September 2014 - Location: USW
  • 30th October / 31st October 2014 - Location: USW
  • 27th November / 28th November 2014 - Location: USW
  • 11th December / 12th December - Location: USW





  • 17th July 2014 - Location: London Campus
  • 14th August 2014 - Location: London Campus
  • 11th September 2014 - Location: London Campus
  • Tiger Scheme QSTM/CTM Training 9th/10th Sept 2014
  • Tiger Scheme QSTM/CTM ASSESSMENT 11Th Sept 2014
  • Tiger Scheme QSTM/CTM Training 7th/8th Oct 2014
  • Tiger Scheme QSTM/CTM ASSESSMENT 9Th Oct 2014
  • Tiger Scheme QSTM/CTM Training 4th/5th Nov 2014
  • Tiger Scheme QSTM/CTM ASSESSMENT 6th Nov 2014
  • Tiger Scheme QSTM/CTM Training 2nd/3rd Dec2014
  • Tiger Scheme QSTM/CTM ASSESSMENT 4th Dec 2014

Located at the Docklands Academy

1 Selsdon Way
City Harbour
E14 9GL